TC does not regret pitching to Tulowitzki

NEW YORK -- Mets manager Terry Collins took some heat for his decision to pitch to Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki in the fifth inning on Wednesday night, with runners on second and third and the Mets leading 3-1.

Tulowitzki is off to a hot start, batting .306 with five homers and 12 RBIs. And first base was open. Tulowitzki ended up hitting a three-run homer off Jonathon Niese, giving the Rockies a 4-3 lead, and they went on to win 5-4.

Collins did not feel he made a mistake, when asked by reporters about the decision prior to Thursday's doubleheader versus the Rockies.

"The one thing that's hurt us thus far this season is putting guys on base," Collins said. "You make pitches, you get people out, even him. ... You set yourself up in some tough situations in the fifth inning when you start loading up the bases, because all that does is bring those guys back up an inning later, two innings later."

As for what Collins will do on Thursday, if presented with the same situation?

"We'll just see how the game goes," Collins said. "Certainly [today], in a similar situation, we'll have to see that guy hitting behind him, maybe give him a chance to beat us."