Life in London: Part IV with Kris Humphries

“What a thriller!”

That’s how New Jersey Nets power forward Kris Humphries described his team’s heart-stopping 137-136 triple-overtime victory over his former team, the Toronto Raptors, on Saturday night in London. Humphries ended up logging a career-high 53 minutes, while scoring 20 points and snagging 17 rebounds as the Nets beat the Raptors for the second consecutive night. The Nets, who finished 2-0 on their trip overseas, will fly back to the U.S. on Sunday.

Although Humphries had only a brief period of time to talk with us in our final chat with him, here’s what he had to say:

ESPNY: Kris, congratulations on the win. That was incredible. You just played 53 minutes, how tired are you right now?

Kris Humphries: We’re all tired. Very tired. But it feels good. We ended the trip the right way.

ESPNNY: We realize we don’t have that much time with you, so we’ll keep the postgame questions to a minimum. But we do want to talk about the final possession for them. You’re guarding Andrea Bargnani at the 3-point arc on the right wing. Did you expect him to drive by you? We were surprised he settled for that pull-up jumper that he missed instead.

Kris Humphries: For their sake, he should’ve driven it. He had been getting in there pretty easily and drawing some fouls. I was just trying to bait him into taking a tough shot. Again, he’s 7-feet tall, so it’s pretty impossible for me to block his shot. I’m just glad I got him off balance a little bit.

ESPNNY: We weren’t playing or anything, but it looked like you guys were pretty winded out there. We would be -- especially since it looked like the game was never going to end. Was there a point where you thought, "This game needs to end now, because I don’t have anything left?"

Kris Humphries: Yeah. Right at the point we finished it off. When Andrea missed the shot it was like a breath of fresh air.

ESPNNY: Alright, so the trip is finally over. What was your favorite part of the whole experience?

Kris Humphries: Getting two wins against the Raptors.

ESPNNY: Haha. We figured as much. How about your favorite non-basketball part?

Kris Humphries: The team dinner we had on Thursday night [they went to a Pakistani restaurant]. It was a great time to just bond with the guys.

ESPNNY: Was there any part of the whole experience that surprised you at all?

Kris Humprhies: Yeah, how expensive everything was. You couldn’t travel anywhere for less than 60 American dollars. Sometimes I’d start the day with like $200 in my pocket and at the end of the night be wondering where it went. But like I said, it was a great experience overall. The arena was packed tonight. The fans were going crazy. The game was great. Fortunately, we were able to pull out the W.

ESPNY: You mentioned to us on Wednesday that the one thing you wanted to see on the trip was Buckingham Palace. Did you ever get a chance to go?

Kris Humphries: No, I didn’t. But again, it was a work trip. I just wanted to stay focused I basketball. I didn’t want to try to do too much.

ESPNNY: You also mentioned to us on Wednesday that you really liked how London was such a clean city and that the people were very friendly. Anything else that really stood out to you?

Kris Humphries: I loved the cabs. You’re sitting in the back seat up against the rear window there’s a whole bunch of leg room. It’s really cool how it is. You basically get in, go all the way back and there’s tons of leg room. It’s weird. You’d really appreciate it if you’ve ever been in cabs over in the U.S. before.

ESPNNY: Alright, last question before we let you go. And again, thanks so much for doing this. What’s the thing you’re looking forward to doing the most when you get back to the U.S.?

Kris Humphries: Eating some spicy food and getting some rest.

ESPNNY: Kris, thanks again for sharing your London experiences with us. See you Wednesday.

Kris Humphries: No problem at all. Sounds good.