Vujacic's biggest fan? 3-year-old Jack Hiller

As it turns out, Maria Sharapova isn't Sasha Vujacic's biggest fan.

That title actually belongs to Jack Hiller (above), a little boy who became obsessed with Vujacic after attending his first Nets' game on Feb. 6. Now, not only does he rock Vujacic's signature headband, Hiller also dunks like his hero on a mini-hoop. Check out the video on YouTube.

Hiller loves to say "Sasha Vujacic!" And "Brook Lopez!" And "Devin Harris!"

He might even have a future in NBA public address announcing.

Maybe he'll never reach the Bieber Fever category, but expect the Vujacic Virus to spread even more by season's end. After all, his aggressiveness and perimeter shooting prowess have already made "The Machine" a fan favorite in the Garden State.