Is Prokhorov a former gangster?

You now have to wonder if the NBA did an extensive enough background check on Mikhail Prokhorov. According to Rolling Stone editor Matt Taibbi, who penned a profile on the Nets owner in an upcoming issue of Men's Journal, David Stern and Co. could have overlooked a couple of red flags. While the league insisted they vetted him thoroughly, Taibbi says that during the mid 90s in Russia, there was a loans-for-shares scandal where the government privatized all of the jewels from Soviet industries into the hands of a few gangsters -- and one of them was Prokhorov (FOX Business). Taibbi also says that Prokhorov was a winning member in a rigged auction for one of the world’s largest metals companies, which has since created an ecological disaster with its sulfur pollutants. After nothing could go right last season, the last thing the Nets need right now is a cloud of skepticism from the top, being that Prokhorov is the owner.

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