Nets best fit for Williams?

Chris Broussard thinks so.

Here's what he had to say about Williams in an Insider article.

Deron spent five-and-a-half seasons in Utah in near anonymity, so being the face of the Nets' move to Brooklyn has excited him. He truly feels good about staying in New Jersey, although it's not a done deal yet. If the Nets can lure (Dwight) Howard there, however, it will be; there would be no reason whatsoever for D-Will to leave in that case.

If Howard doesn't go to the Nets, D-Will will have the same options as Paul -- New York, Oklahoma City (via trade), L.A. Clippers (via trade), Atlanta Hawks (via trade). In fact, since he has been more durable than Paul, since he's bigger than Paul, he could be the most coveted point guard on the market.

Best fit: New Jersey Nets