First six games, we hardly knew ye

If you get a chance to visit the Nets’ official website and check out their 2011-12 schedule, you’ll find that the season starts on Nov. 16 in Oklahoma City.

Yeah ... if we’re lucky.

NBA Commissioner David Stern announced Monday night that the first two weeks’ worth of games have been cancelled.

For the Nets in their final season in Newark, two weeks’ worth of games represents six contests:

*Nov. 2 at Washington

*Nov. 5 vs. Detroit

*Nov. 7 vs. Milwaukee

*Nov. 9 vs. Dallas

*Nov. 11 at Miami

*Nov. 13 vs. Minnesota

Look, I know you were looking forward to a healthy Deron Williams making his season-debut against John Wall. You were looking forward to seeing Jason Kidd return to New Jersey for the last time. You were looking for to seeing the Nets go down south and take on the Big Three.

I was too. But I guess we’re going to have to wait, wait and wait some more for all that to occur -- assuming it ever does.

Until then, keep an eye on D-Will’s Besiktas box scores and TMZ for Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian marriage rumors.

Because for now, that’s all we have.