Petro: Everyone knew we were soft in post

There’s a reason the Nets are trying to beef up their frontline.

“I think everyone knew we were a little soft down in the post,” Johan Petro said Thursday.

Petro is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. At the same time, he was one of the reasons people felt that way about the Nets’ interior. Brook Lopez wasn't exactly a banger inside. Neither was Brandan Wright. Kris Humphries was about their only tough player inside, and now, he’s a free agent.

There’s no secret the Nets have been going after Petro’s former teammate in Denver, Nene. Petro thinks the Brazilian big man would be a great addition to any team.

“Nene’s a strong big,” Petro said. “he could help any team, actually, with his talent and the size that he is.”

Petro gave a scouting report on Nene, who averaged 15 points and almost eight rebounds per game for the Nuggets last season.

“Nene is more of a face-drive type of guy,” Petro said. “And he can pass the ball like crazy. People don’t really realize that but he can pass the ball. So yeah, I think he can be a strong 4, especially since hes not 7-footer or anything. Plus he can take people off the dribble and he’s strong enough to be a 5.”

The Nets have talked about moving Brook Lopez to power forward, though Nene isn’t exactly a prototypical center. Much of that talk about position, though, is overhyped anyway.