Broussard: Nets interested in Crawford

Here's the latest tweet:

Chris_Broussard Chris Broussard

NJ and Indy have shown interest in Jamal Crawford. Potential offers on hold until Nene's situation is settled.

The Nets have reportedly offered Nene a four-year deal worth between $60 million to $70 million. Obviously, they're still in on Dwight Howard as well. D-12 is their first choice. But if they can't get him -- and our ESPN report said Orlando isn't exactly enamored with a package of Brook Lopez and two first-round picks -- Nene is a decent consolation prize.

Now, it does seem crazy to offer him a max contract, but perhaps the Nets are doing this with the idea of including him in a future package for Howard later on when he's eligible to be traded again. When you think about it, there are probably 10 players in the NBA worthy of max contracts. Nene's name doesn't come to mind. The Nets were surprised at how reckless other teams were being early on in free agency, so a move like overpaying Nene would seem to go against that. But again, it has and always will be dictated by the market. And in a weak free agent crop, Nene is as good as it gets.