Flight of the Concords: Best retro Jordans?

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Damion James and Anthony Morrow have a bit of a sneaker battle going on. Morrow says that he has "way more Jordans" that James. But he hasn't been able to land the new Nike Air Jordan XI Retro Concords, the sneaker that's been causing consumer havoc across the country.

James got a hold of the Concords before they were released at midnight Friday morning. The fact that he has a Nike contract does make it a little unfair, though. Morrow said that his "connection" in Atlanta didn't work out, so he's still on the lookout for a pair of his own.

"I always find a way to get the shoes. I know I'll get them," Morrow said.

The Air Jordan Concords are arguably the most anticipated re-release of an Air Jordan sneaker. But the conversation begged the question: What are the best retro Air Jordans ever released (or re-released)?

James gave the nod to the Cool Greys. Morrow said the Concords top his list but gave honorable mention to the Air Jordan V.

So we'll pose the question to you. What are the best retro Air Jordans ever released? What's your top three?