New Jersey Nets -- Utah Jazz East?

In the second quarter of Thursday night’s 94-78 loss to the Magic, the Nets had five former Jazz players on the court at the same time. According to the team, the Nets are the only team in the NBA that currently has any many as five players who previously played for another team on their roster.


Sundiata Gaines (2009-10; 32 games)

Kris Humphries (2004-05, 2005-06; 129 games)

Mehmet Okur (2004-05 through 2010-11; 7 seasons, 474 games)

DeShawn Stevenson (2000-01 through 2003-04 (3.5 seasons, 222 games)

Deron Williams (2005-06 through 2010-11; 5.5 seasons, 439 games)