Broussard: Latest on 'Fight for Dwight'

In an Insider piece about stars that could be traded at the March 15 deadline, ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard reports the Nets are still the odds-on favorites to land Dwight Howard because of the marketing opportunities he would have in Brooklyn and the chance to play with Deron Williams. Howard could get an Adidas deal similar to the $260 million one Derrick Rose just got.

Broussard writes Howard’s preference is to sign with the Nets in the offseason so the can keep all their assets. He writes Orlando is underwhelmed by the Nets’ players and needs a third or fourth team involved. The Nets could revisit trying to include Portland and Gerald Wallace, since sources tell Broussard the Blazers are again willing to trade Wallace in a deal. That three-team deal failed to be consummated in December.

An Eastern Conference executive told Broussard he believes Howard is likely to end up with the Nets if he isn’t traded, but wouldn’t count the Mavericks out as a threat the longer the process plays itself out.