Tank this: Nets win again

Tanking? What is this tanking you speak of?

The Nets won in Sacramento, 111-99, on Saturday night, and have now won three games in a row for the first time all season.

They finished up 2011-12 4-3 on the road against Western Conference opponents -- their only winning record in any category, according to the team.

The Nets (19-35) surpassed Cleveland and Sacramento in the standings, and find themselves with the seventh-worst record in the NBA with 12 games remaining in the season.

If you want the Nets to tank in an attempt to try and keep their top-3 protected first-round pick, they aren’t doing you any favors.

But if you like seeing the Nets win -- and they don’t do that very often -- then you have to be enjoying this.

Seeing Johan Petro playing a decent half of basketball for the first time in forever; seeing Deron Williams dish out 35 assists over his last two games; seeing Gerald “Crash” Wallace diving for a rebound late in the fourth quarter to help preserve Saturday night’s win.

If the Nets end up staying intact when they move to Brooklyn, these victories could be important down the road.

If not -- well, at least they won a few games. And if that comes at the expense of a draft pick they could’ve used, well, so be it.