Favors has held his own, but has made no jump

From David Thorpe, NBA analyst for ESPN.com's Scouts Inc., on Nets rookie Derrick Favors in his latest "Rookie Watch" column:

Something good: There is little to be excited about in New Jersey regarding Favors, mostly because he's playing about a 1½ quarters per game. He is finishing paint shots, which is good, but it's not like he's shocking anyone with his play. I like this about him, though: Despite all the trade rumors that have been swirling about regarding him and the Denver/Carmelo situation, Favors has been about the same guy all season. That is better than what we saw this summer and in the preseason. He's been able to maintain his level of play while dealing with something most rookies are not at all exposed to, and he's holding his own. Good stuff for such a young guy.

Something bad: I'm impressed that he's been consistent all season but disappointed that he's not made any kind of jump over the first nine weeks of the season. It's not a sign of anything, or a concern, but it would be great for him to make another leap forward while earning more playing time in the process. Of all the draft picks who have just been OK so far, Favors is the guy I most expect to break out with a monster month. It just has not come close to happening in 2010.

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