FanSpeak: Tim Te-boo?

Tim Tebow ventured into Yankee Stadium and was met with boos from Yankee fans. Was this deserved?

From Booing Tebow: Was it you?:

"yankee fans are giants fans. he has not done anything for new york yet. eli manning is just as generous as tim tebow, yet you dont hear bout it because he does it not for the publicity but bc hes a descent human being. im not saying tebow isnt, but when you have the chance to play in your hometown, go home and not to ny. we dont need to be driving through the city seeing posters of some guy who is in for a rude awakening at the hands of rex ryan. rex is saying all the right things now, but what happens when his profanity is too vulgar for him. tebow... go home and save some franchise that needs saving, not some place where they have a qb."

- Jimboslice1104

Ed.'s note -- The Yankees/Giants and Mets/Jets bond is real but it seemed as if the fans were booing Tebow as a public figure more than as a football player.

"And, yes, the morons in Yankee Stadium were clearly booing Wade because he helped beat the Knicks. If New York Yankee fans are ANYTHING, it's bad losers. Keep crying you bums."

- georohrs270

Ed.'s note -- Would cheering for Dwyane Wade make them good losers?

"I was sitting directly behind them and we didn't hear much in the way of boos. I shouted "Start him! Start him now!"

- TPman101

Ed.'s note -- He'll be hearing a lot more of that.

From Yankees fans boo Tim Tebow:

"welcome to NY tim. you have to prove yourself before you get cheered. eli manning used to be booed, then he won two super bowls, and he is now one of the most recognizable and respected figures in the city. you go to the stadium of the most successful franchise in sports history without having proved a damn thing, and you will get booed"

- mikesportsfan8

Ed.'s note -- Booing is the default setting for New York fans. Work your way up to standing ovations by winning a championship.

"i dont think tebow was ever booed in college or denver. let's see if it has any major effect. I'm guessing it doesn't"

- vamanos amigos

Ed.'s note -- If he’s any good it won’t.

The Jets and Giants are just getting started, the Rangers and Devils are in the playoffs, the Knicks are looking to the playoffs and the Mets and Yanks are in full swing. Keep those comments coming (hey, at least you know we're paying attention).