FanSpeak: Not so Tiny Tim

The Jets want Tim Tebow to gain some weight. Is this a sign of something larger?

From Tim Tebow aiming to gain weight:

"Tim Tebow is a beacon of hope for 3rd string QB's all across the nation...."

- p1anther

Ed.'s note -- Come on, he can't be behind Greg McElroy!

"Football games are won and lost as a team, and im sure Tebow would be the first person to say that. He needs to put a muzzle on his nutjob fans. It would be nice if he would quietly go into his role as a running back and on special teams. That is the best thing he cold do for this team."

- NYsportsfan223

Ed.'s note -- Nothing Tebow does has done has been quiet since he was in college.

"Move along. He has already proven that he can, that he can lead and that he can WIN. And that was on a Good not Great Broncos team. He will prove yet again and he will get this shot, this year, as the JETS Starting QB and he will turn them around just like he did with the Broncos. SO SHUT UP AND WAIT FOR IT...You too will be TEBOWED! TEBOWING!!!"

- jstone616

Ed.'s note -- Can you Tebow somebody? My dictionary does not have a definition of Tebow as a verb … at least not yet.

"Human cloning is generally a bad idea. Except if we can clone Tebow, the world would be a better place. We'll need about 100,000 copies, give or take, to start. (you guessed it, I'm a Tebow fan)"

- bsco32

Ed.'s note -- 100,000 copies and 32 teams would mean 3,125 per team and would mean that every team would have to cut Tebow thousands of times.

"Normally we get 'news' stories about Kardashians weight gain. Now we have a 'news' story about Tebow gaining weight.

"Conclusion: Tebow is a Kardashian."

Ed.'s note -- Which Kardashian is Tebow?

From Tebow responds to Bruschi criticism:

"He will shut up as soon as Mark starts performing on the field."

- Scorp981

Ed.'s note -- And what happens if Mark Sanchez doesn't perform well this season?

From Day 3: Minicamp observations:

"The Sanchise only completed 1 of 10 passes. Te-bow completes 3 of 4. Sounds like Te-bow time. Of course, Rex thought The Sanchise played awesome."

- jgpeters11

Ed.'s note -- "The Sanchise" is an interesting nickname, but could Sanchez use a new one? We're open to suggestions. Hey, at least you know we're paying attention.