Nimmo claims Wright's locker for a day

NEW YORK -- On Sunday, Brandon Nimmo will play his first game at Citi Field.

The New York Mets' first-round draft pick in 2011 hopes it’s the first of many.

“It’s a good little taste to keep the motivation going,” said Nimmo, 20, who was voted in by the fans as a reserve on the U.S. Team in the Futures Game. “Sometimes in the minor leagues you get lost in the grind day-to-day, and then they come and they give you this reward and you remember this is what I’m working for.

“But it’s good to be back. I got to come up here for batting practice when I first signed [in September 2011], and I’m glad to be back here a couple years later playing a game. This is great timing. Shoot, we’re getting treated like major leaguers so it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Nimmo, a center fielder, is hitting .261 with one home run and 23 RBIs in 62 games for Class A Savannah. He got off to a hot start, hitting 400, but went through an 0-for-20 slump. Nimmo also spent some time on the disabled list with a hand injury and then a back issue.

“I think I came out, had a great first half, did exactly what I wanted to do,” Nimmo said. “And then now, we lost some people, and I started to get pitched to a little bit differently, and I need to make adjustments -- plain and simple. I need to become more consistent, and they’re just working on my weaknesses right now and I need to become better.”

Nimmo, who was drafted out a high school in Wyoming, said it was a huge adjustment playing affiliated ball.

“It’s a whole new game, a whole new speed of the game, and it takes a little bit for your mind to stop thinking and start reacting again,” Nimmo said. “But once you get to that point, things become a lot easier, and so it definitely took some time. Shoot, when I first showed up to Brooklyn it took a good month before I was acclimated to that speed of the game. I think I’m much more adjusted now than when I first started.”

Nimmo ended up getting captain David Wright's locker.

“I did not know I’d be getting David’s locker,” Nimmo said, laughing. “I really appreciate the action there and hopefully I can get some of David’s mojo and luck can rub off on me.”

Does Nimmo plan on getting Wright’s locker dirty?

“I don’t want to,” he replied. “I’m going to respect it as much as possible.”