Road to the Race: Cross Training

Road To The Race - Cross Training (1:24)

The week before the New York City Marathon Shandi Kano cuts down on running and focuses on health and cardio (1:24)

Injuries. Every runner getting ready for this weekend's marathon has likely fought through them. No matter how major or minor, the frustration can be equally agonizing. But it is the determination to push through training and finish the race that keeps every runner going.

Such is the case for Shandi Kano of Connecticut. The 25-year-old distance runner is nursing an injured right foot, so she's decided to mainly cross train in these final days before the race to give her body some time to recover. Her pattern of cross training at least every other week leading up to her first marathon not only gives her muscles a chance to rest, it also builds her cardiovascular endurance.

Tomorrow, she heads to the City.

Saturday: Kano, an ESPN.com video editor, makes the trip to New York and deals with last-minute butterflies.