Fans boo Goodell for second straight night

NEW YORK -- Terrell Slade and Barry Green arrived at Radio City Music Hall on Friday night ready to voice their displeasure to NFL commisioner Roger Goodell. Slade, a Giants fan fron Rahway, N.J., said he works two jobs and doesn't ask for much other than football.

"I've got a couple of boos I'm ready to get out," Slade said. "It's not fair to the fans. Let me keep my football for September."

"We don't ask for a lot," added Green, an Oakland Raiders fan from New Brunswick, N.J.

This is the second year Slade and Green have come to the draft. Slade was pleased with the Giants' first-round pick, cornerback Prince Amukamara, and was hoping the team would look to shore up its defense with a linebacker, or choose an offensive lineman, as the second round got under way.