Fans at Radio City react to NY teams' picks

NEW YORK -- Gary Hartman, a Giants fan, and his friend Mike Rosen, a Jets fan, sat side by side at Radio City Music Hall watching the NFL draft on Friday night. The teenagers, both from Marlboro, N.J., arrived at 2 in the afternoon even though Rosen knew it would be several hours before his Jets were up with the third-to-last pick of the night.

"I bleed green -- literally," Rosen said. "I go to the hospital, they don't know what to do."

Rosen was hoping for a pass rusher or a wide receiver with the upcoming third-round pick. He figured that either Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes won't be on the roster next season -- Edwards if it was up to him.

"I was happy when they picked [Mark] Sanchez," Rosen said.

As for Vernon Gholston, Mike Nugent and even Kyle Wilson, not so much. The player who does get a thumbs up is ... defensive back Drew Coleman.

"I'm the only one to own a Drew Coleman jersey," Rosen said. "Other than him."

Hartman was happy with the way the Giants had drafted thus far, including second-round pick Marvin Austin.

"I was very happy with the pick because I'm not anticipating Barry Cofield will be back," Hartman said.

As for Austin's alleged improper relationship with an agent and driving infractions, Hartman said with players like Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck on the roster, Austin would get the right guidance.

"I love the pick," Austin said.