Lundqvist to decide on Stadium Series gear

Saturday's a big day for Henrik Lundqvist.

That's when the Rangers goalie will decide what gear he wears for the Stadium Series games, the first being Sunday at Yankee Stadium when the Rangers meet the Devils. The Rangers also face the Islanders on Jan. 29. Both games are technically road games for the Rangers.

Lundqvist has pinstriped pads and a helmet that is pinstriped with Yankees legends Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio on the side. He practiced in those duds Wednesday.

"I have a few options here, I guess I will make the decision tomorrow during practice," Lundqvist said Friday on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN 98.7 FM. "I understand not all Rangers fans are Yankees fans but at the same time we are playing at Yankee Stadium. I hope whatever I go with the fans will be happy. In the end the equipment also needs to feel right when I'm out there."

Lundqvist said he likes the Yankees, as he's been to a lot of games and knows some of the players. He was quick to add that he knows some Mets too, as he's tight with ace Matt Harvey. He recognized some Rangers fans who don't like the Yankees may not like his mask.

"In the end I think everybody understands, it's about showing respect to where we are and I think it's a special place, Yankee Stadium, and to get this opportunity for us to play two games there I think is amazing," said Lundqvist, who likely will start both games according to Rangers coach Alain Vigneault. "I'm really thankful for that. Yankees fan or not, it just comes down to showing the respect."

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Play DownloadOne of the factors Lundqvist will have to account for in the two games that he normally wouldn't is the weather, which will affect how many layers he wears. He will determine that during Saturday's skate.

"I guess the biggest issue will be the glove, what you can wear underneath to keep your fingers warm. Probably one of the worst spots to get hit by the puck when your fingers are cold and you want to keep them warm," Lundqvist said. "We'll figure that out tomorrow in practice and find the right solution so so once the game starts you won't really think about it."

Lundqvist is excited for the two games, which are both critical in the standings. The Rangers are currently in the playoffs but are not that far ahead of the Devils and Islanders.

"I think tomorrow is going to be all about fun, we're going to go there, we're going to skate, take in the atmosphere, just being at the stadium. After that we have the family skate and bring friends and family out there. On Sunday, when it's time to play, you're going to be focused," Lundqvist said. "They're really important games for all teams. You're going to be focused no question. I think here will be moments during the game when you just take it all in and enjoy the moment, I guess."