46 Days: Let it snow!

Meadowlands Matterhorn: An impressive pile of snow nearly blotted out the view of MetLife Stadium on Wednesday. Jane McManus/ESPNNewYork.com

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The officials organizing Super Bowl XLVIII are starting to sound like they are actively rooting for snow on game day.

“I think watching NFL football in the snow is really romantic,” NFL senior vice president of events Frank Supovitz said on Wednesday, standing near a mountain of New Jersey snow in the MetLife Stadium parking lot. “It’s great, it’s exciting and if you’ve ever done it you know that. It’s also a rite of passage for you as a fan to have done it at least once. And this is a Super Bowl right? So I think it’s going to be amazing. I think it would be better if it snowed a little bit during the game. I think it’ll just make it more memorable.”

Is this a little reverse psychology? Actually, snow might make for better television viewing. Recent cold-weather games were watched and enjoyed by plenty of NFL fans over the last few weeks.

But the Super Bowl is a different animal. Empty stands at the championship game are not a good look, so moving 80,000 people to and from the game is a necessity no matter what the weather. At Wednesday's press conference, the New York/New Jersey host committee demonstrated some impressive plows and snow-melting machines with what was left of the weekend snow.

Maybe this was a warning from the Great and Powerful to any snow clouds in the area: Mess with the Super Bowl, and we will obliterate you.