12 Days: If the Super Bowl were today ...

Each day from now until Feb. 2, ESPNNewYork.com will take you inside the challenge of staging the most unpredictable NFL title game ever. There are 12 days until the Super Bowl.

NEW YORK -- If the weather currently hitting the New York and New Jersey region were happening on Super Bowl Sunday, the NFL would have to decide whether to postpone the game. The heaviest snowfall is expected right around the 6:30 p.m. kickoff. Although the snow might not make holding the game impossible, it could make moving 80,000 people by train and bus much more difficult.

Can you hear me now? “Selfie” is the word of the year for a reason, and your cell phone company knows that on Feb. 2, many of the fans on hand will be updating their status and changing their Facebook cover pictures to something related to the game. In preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium, Verizon has backed up its power source and quadrupled the data capacity.

The upshot for users -- if the lights go out on Feb. 2, you will still be able to tweet about it.

Verizon completed the work in October, part of $400 million in upgrades throughout the New York and New Jersey area according to Michele White, the executive director of network in the New York and New Jersey area.

“As of [Jan. 19] you won’t be able to bring any equipment into the stadium, so we’ve stocked our spaces with our spares, and spares for the spares,” said White, standing in the company’s data hub room at the stadium.

Verizon is just one of the cell providers who has been preparing for the Super Bowl. Many of the cell antennae are hidden in the architecture of the stadium itself, and most fans won’t notice many of the 544 antennae built into the stadium.

Reserve your bus: Anecdotal word that some of the earlier Fan Express buses to the stadium may be reaching capacity. If you are planning to get there and want a specific stop and time, book now.

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