0 Days: Fan's guide to Super Sunday

Super Bowl XLVIII is here! We've got your last-minute guide to the game. John Moore/Getty Images

NEW YORK -- Finally, the Super Bowl hype ends and the game actually begins.

Super Bowl Boulevard might be closed, but there is a lot else happening in the region, so here’s what you need to know:

Getting to the game: Hopefully, everyone has figured this out by now. If you didn’t make a reservation on the Fan Express bus or purchase a parking pass -- both are sold out -- you will need to allow more time to get to MetLife Stadium. Handicapped-accessible passes are still available through the Super Bowl's transportation webpage.

That leaves the train. Here is the host committee’s guide to getting around the region, complete with PATH and New Jersey Transit maps. The basic idea is to figure out how to get to the Secaucus junction from where you are and then board one of the trains to the Meadowlands.

There might be private parking available along the NJ Transit or PATH lines. Check ParkWhiz if you want to reserve a parking spot at the last minute.

Security: Be prepared to go through metal detectors to board your train or bus, and your car could be subject to scanning when you arrive at MetLife Stadium. There are seven security tents, large and easily identifiable, along the security perimeter. There, ticket holders will be subject to a patdown, asked to unzip their outer garments and again go through a metal detector. All bags will be inspected.

Anyone with medical items will have to go through a separate security entrance, so ask before you wait in line.

Remember, you will need a ticket to the Super Bowl in addition to your train ticket or bus reservation in order to get on a vehicle going to the MetLife Stadium. Also, you will not be able to bring any bags with you other than those approved by the NFL, so clear and tiny is the rule.

If you have other questions, such as "Where is MetLife Stadium?" and others, check the NFL’s remedial FAQ page.

What to do before the game: There are a few parties in the area even today -- if you aren’t already spent from a week of them. Here are a few of the bigger ones, but bars and restaurants all over the region are having their "big-game" parties so as to avoid infringing on the NFL’s trademark.

• The Super Bowl NFL Tailgate Party at the Meadowlands Racetrack is a pregame fest next door to MetLife Stadium, but you need a Super Bowl ticket in order to attend.

• The official league party, the NFL on Location, is at the Izod Center, also next door, but these tickets needed to be purchased with an NFL-sanctioned package.

• The Super Sunday Tailgate Party presented by Inside Sports and the Pro Football Hall of Fame with Jim Kelly and Warren Moon starts at 1 p.m. in Carlstadt, N.J., at Redd’s Bar and Restaurant.

TV: If you aren't able to make it to the game, you can watch it with the rest of the nation on Fox. Hopefully, someone brings plenty of guacamole.