FanSpeak: Yankees' Blame Game

The New York Yankees are 22-21 and fourth in the AL East. What’s going on, Yankees fans?

From Notes: Hughes, A-Rod, Teixeira & Cano:

"Lets see were paying around 50 million dollars for two guys who can no longer hit the damn ball. That's a lot of money for two defensive players. I sure hope management has learned their lesson; but I doubt it.They will just keep charging outrageous prices so the average family can only afford bleacher seats.What a shame, its hard to watch are whole world fall apart; but that's what's happening."


Ed.'s note -- Let’s look at the stats: Alex Rodriguez is hitting .276, .371 OBP and .408 SLG (compared to his .301, .386 and .564 career numbers) and Mark Teixeira is hitting .229, .281 OBP and .386 SLG (compared to his career .280, .370 and .527 numbers). Bottom line: they need to step it up, especially with power.

"If all the Yankees pitchers gave them 6 innings of 2 run ball. I think we all would be very, very happy. Right now Hughes is looking more like the Yankees #3 pitcher then a 4 or 5. I hope he keeps up the good work, the Yankees need him."

Ed.'s note -- The Yankees only have 16 quality starts, 27th in MLB.

From A-Rod's days of being great are over:

"Not great anymore? He's barely average, on pace for 60 ribbys @ $30M!"

- genesaratoga

Ed.'s note -- On pace for 19 HRs with 57 RBIs, to be exact.

"I believe what he has now is referred to as warning track power."

- LIExile

From Rapid Reaction: Yankees 3, Royals 2:

"People it's a long season ; just sit back and wait for the playoffs to start. We will be in the hunt as usual !"

- tucan0903

Ed.'s note -- Finally, some optimism: hold onto it as long as possible.

"and someone needs to tell Granderson to get his eyes checked...how does he strike out so much?...thats what kept him from the mvp award last year...we need a lil more contact at the 2 hole swap him and cano in the lineup"

- steev201

Ed.'s note -- Curtis Granderson is striking out a lot (49 times, tied for eighth in MLB). Once he gets behind in the count he is having a hard time fighting back.

From Silent Hal not bothering Girardi:

"Lol, remember when this same thing happened last year and the standings ended up being

NY 97-65

TB 91-71

BOS 90-72

TOR 81-81

BAL 69-93

And that was a Yankees team who couldn't hit with risp AND didn't have a pitching staff.. still 97 wins.. huh."

- willisistheman02

Ed.'s note -- Point made: it’s still early: but this year it seems as if every other team in the AL East is better. So, fans, how do you see this year turning out for the Yanks?