FanSpeak: Glass 1, Amare 0

April 29, 2001: The last time the New York Knicks won a playoff game, “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles” just came out in theaters, Mac OS X was released and George W. Bush had only recently moved into the White House. So, how do Knicks fans feel about Amare Stoudemire's misfortune, which seems to guarantee this postseason futility streak will continue for another year?

From Amare's mistake simply unforgivable:

"How is Amare the "selfish" one when his ballhogging teammate (MElo) has taken 41 shots to his 16 in the first 2 games?"

- Junior72624

Ed.'s note -- At least Carmelo Anthony is doing things to help win the basketball game (like dropping 30 on the Heat).

"Amare will be 30 next November, so he's still young. But he lacks the explosiveness he had just a few years ago. He is playing older than his age, worn down by the variety of injuries he's endured over the years. Plus he's been a liability on the defensive end, and hasn't fit in with Carmelo (though Carmelo should think about fitting in with everyone else). I like Amare. He is good man & clearly a team leader, but this was not cool from a veteran player. Hope he gets it together for next season."

- nihc69

Ed.'s note -- This was not the move of a leader or a veteran.

"All of us knick fans craved for our team to make the playoffs and they did but in the end when its a first round sweep this whole year becomes a blank. Im tired of losing and idk how the Knicks are going to be able to win a championship. I love my knicks but im fed up"

- Ticomd22

From Amare Stoudemire injures hand:

"What a stupid Glass hole!"

- birdy219

"Knicks fans turning on Amar'e now?

"Lol he was the only "Superstar" from the 2010 free agency who wanted to come to the Knicks. Or maybe he wanted to get paid?"

- BigEazy_BigDance

Ed.'s note -- Everyone wants to get paid.

From Amare-Melo show not working:

"Has anyone here every eaten a pickle with their popcorn? Whats that you say? The pairing sounds undesirable and doenst make any sense? Well let me tell you something, it works!"

- The_Dude-Abides

Ed.'s note -- Are pickles and popcorn a thing? Sounds like a worse combo than Melo and STAT.

From Amare Stoudemire: 'Bad timing on my part':

"For his career STAT (standing tall & talentless) is a meager 17 points per game scorer without Steve Nash. With Steve Nash, and that one fluke half a season with Felton, he's a 25ppg scorer. He's never rebounded at least 10 rebounds per game in his career. He has always been a horrendous defender. He's a horrible passer with a very low basketball IQ (how to spread the floor or commit to help side defense, etc.) on both offense and defense.

"He is an overrated player that isn't worth half the money he is given. No he does not deserve respect for coming to New York, the Knicks payed him more then anyone else was willing to, that is the only reason he is here. No he does not deserve respect for putting up good (offensive) numbers last year before the Melo trade. The team was at .500 and at risk of missing the playoffs, so it's not like he was Patrick Ewing leading the Knicks to the finals."

- 2010-NYK

Ed.'s note -- It depends on what kind of deal the Knicks can get. Amare keeps making it harder and harder to trade him.

From Facebook

"Amar'e is most effective around a legitimate point guard who can feed him the ball. Right now the knicks have no point guard. This is why Amar'e can't fit into this Chandler, Melo unit. Melo and Chandler don't need that type of point guard. Stat played and excelled with Nash in Phoenix and that's what he is use to. So either look to trade Stat which I doubt will happened or bring in a real legitimate point guard (no disrespect to Jeremy Lin and Baron.Davis) I think the knicks should look real hard at bringing in CP3 or Nash at the point preferably CP3. That will help Lin as well as he plays with the 2nd unit. We are probably going to lose J.R Smith because of the money issues so we really need to revamp this bench if we want any shot next year. As of now I think the knicks still win this series in 7 I still believe we can do it. GO KNICKS!!!"

- Anthony Itsbettaindabronx Samaroo

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