FanSpeak: Super Bowl is 'a done deal'

A quick riff on the hottest topic on ESPNNewYork.com: The New York Football Giants going the the Super Bowl.

From this Ian O'Connor column about Eli's toughness:

"In the early stages of his career many questioned whether he was the right guy for New York because he was not fiery or animated enough. His temperament serves him and the Giants well, because he does not let emotion control his play, he remains focus even after all the critics take shots at him."

- giantsattack56

Ed.'s note -- I like his temperament as well. When a leader is really fired up and vocal it can affect the entire team negatively, Eli really leads by example.

"just another day at the office for Easy-E is all"

- cusp24

Ed.'s note -- Please don't refer to Eli as “Easy-E,” we already have one and I just can’t don’t want to imagine Eli Manning rapping.

From Confident Giants arrive in Indy:

"Chad Ochocinco gave his team mates noise canceling headphones, so they do not have to hear the Giants celebration after the game."

- EricSchlecht

Ed.'s note -- That was very nice of him.

"Breaking news - Ochocinco is changing his name for this one game to Cero Uno.

Cero for the number of catches he will have.

Uno for the number of plays he will be on the field"

- obl1

Ed.'s note -- I think he will be on the field more than that. He could let Tiquan Underwood (a Rutgers guy born in New Brunswick) have the name Uno Cero though.

"It's a done deal. No cameras for the cheaters. Didn't beat a single good team during the regular season. Belicheat resorting to transparently fake Gronkowski injury news.

"The Pats are laughable this year. Expect a blowout. And then expect the excuses from the Pats fans.

"Your Sox mailed it in, get ready for your Pats to FedEx it in"

- Dr. Martin van Nostran

Ed.'s note -- The doctor has spoken.

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