FanSpeak: No October for Yanks?

After 50 games, the New York Yankees are in third place in their division. Are the fans worried about not having baseball this October?

From Yanks may not be around in October

"The Yankees will make the playoffs - probably winning the East in the process - but are unlikely to advance very far based on their feast of famine offensive philosophy"

- ngord24

Ed.'s note -- It’s way too early to try to predict playoff series! If the Yankees make the playoffs, which isn't certain right now, their success is likely determined by starting pitching rather than hitting.

"fellow Yankee fans - we need to get our head out of the sand. He is right. The team is not that good. Certainly not good enough to dominate in a vastly improved AL. They are headed to a 85- 90 win season - baring a catastrophy. That likely won't be enough to make the playoffs."

- FredDeCicco

Ed.'s note -- 85-90 wins in the AL East would be pretty good and could definitely lead them to the playoffs. Under the two wild card spot system, 90 wins would have been enough last year.

From Russell Martin says he had odd run-in

"Umps are just big headed individuals who in my opinion are ruining baseball... Time for an automated system of sorts."

- matthewscott2010

Ed.'s note -- Can we please get started on this? Seeing people argue with computers is an awesome activity that would be even greater with managers kicking dirt on a monitor. I also want an official to the pixel definition of the strike zone.

From David Robertson out until mid-June

"Our two best arms .. we still winning without both! ..so go yanks we can do this!!!!"

- Yankeesfans809

Ed.'s note -- So much optimism!

"Seems like a couple of weeks ago I was telling my Yankee fan friends that this guy was no Mariano Rivera, and the were calling me stupid. Robertson, at best, will be another Billy Wagner. All stats, no clutch."

- StubbornlyRational

Ed.'s note -- He’s only 27; you can’t expect him to be Rivera right now.

From Opinion: Soriano will remain closer

"I'm just glad we have options with Mo out, I mean it was going to come a day where the Yankees would have to deal with Mo being gone. But not many teams can deal with their closer going on the DL (season ending) and have 2 other options when healthy (Robertson). Go Yankees!"

- YankeesGiantsKnicksfan18

Ed.'s note -- The Yankees have had some bad luck and are in a division where every team is above .500, I would say being only a game and a half out of first in the division would be encouraging.

From Facebook

"Its still early , I'm a rays fan and I think the yanks will get the wc . Look at the mets they r still over .500 and will probably not make playoffs"

- Doug Siravo

Ed.'s note -- Always good to point out that it’s early and we have a lot of baseball left to be played. Wow on the World Series pick! The Texas Rangers look really good.

"yankees will be playing in the postseason in October. no worries"

-Antonio Andon

Ed.'s note -- Antonio isn’t worried, are you? Comment and let us know (hey, at least you know we’re paying attention).