Live from New York: It's the NBA draft

11:30 a.m.: Just a few fans are left in the stands, and the chants have subsided since NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver started coming to the stand to read the second-round selections.

The Knicks fans in the crowd cheered for the pick of Syracuse guard Andy Rautins, but expressed disappointment with the selection of Stanford forward Landy Fields that immediately followed.

Fortunately for Knicks' fans, the biggest change in the teams' roster won’t happen here in the draft, but in the free agent signing period next month.

10:23 p.m.: When Memphis picked Greivis Vasquez with the No. 28 pick, the Venezuelan flags came out in the front section of the Theater at Madison Square Garden. His mother, Ivis Rodriguez, and about 15 or so guests were ready to celebrate as he went up to greet David Stern.

Ivis said through a translator that her son always took his play seriously, even as a very young child, and that it was a great honor and responsibility to represent Venezuela in the NBA.

With tears in her eyes, she got hugs from friends and family.

9:30 p.m.: The Knicks may not have a first-round pick, and that means Knicks fan Douglas Fischer will be staying up pretty late to see his team make a selection.

The 15-year-old convinced his mother, Elisa, that he would still be able to make it to school by 8:05 a.m. in Manhattan.

"He told me all his homework was done," she said.

His father has a business connection to NBA commissioner David Stern, and the family was in the front row. But no matter who the Knicks pick, Fischer says the real key next year will be LeBron James.

"He's coming to New York," he said. "Why wouldn't he?"

9:04 p.m.: After the NBA’s newest rookies walk off the stage, the waiting is over but their night has just begun. They get issued a team cap, and sent over to the ESPN couch for their first on-air interview with Mark Jones.

After that, the players walk through the general seating section of the theater, follow a long velvet rope lined with fans waiting for autographs, and head over to a media section. First, NBATV gets a crack with another sitdown interview, then another TV crew has a turn, and finally a press conference is held for assembled media.

After that, the NBA issues transcripts of the Q&A session, where you can read Evan Turner’s reaction to becoming a 76er.

“I’m really excited to be here with you all tonight,” Turner said. “It’s a dream come true and I’m looking forward to a great career.”

A funny moment happened when the Nets selected Derrick Favors.

Wesley Johnson, the No. 4 pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves, was a player the Nets seriously considered taking with the No. 3 pick. A quick look at Johnson when the Nets opted for Derrick Favors showed a really wide smile. Guess he didn’t seem disappointed at all. Did the Nets cross his mind.

“It did and my agent talked a lot about it,” Johnson said. “But my dream was to be in the NBA. I'm fortunate to be picked by any team and it’s a blessing, so I'm thrilled to be going to Minnesota.”

7:55 p.m.: Stuff you’ll see at the NBA Draft that you might not see anywhere else.

1. A guy wearing a light blue work-appropriate button down with a snug Syracuse jersey overtop.

2. Former Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez.

3. A green room full of tall young men in custom-made suits.

4. A draft board on stage in the style of Boston’s Fenway Park.

5. TBS sportscaster Craig Sager in a lilac suit.

6. Vuvuzuelas -- outside of South Africa.

7:40 p.m.:Former Knick Charles Smith stood off to the side of the stage at Madison Square Garden just before the 2010 NBA Draft began. Asked about what the Knicks might do this summer and whether LeBron James might be coming, Smith’s eyes widened. He said he had no idea, and credited James’ circle of friends and advisors.

“They’ve been doing a good job being tight lipped,” Smith said.

The 15 players invited to the 2010 NBA Draft have taken the stage here at the Madison Square Garden Theater. They are getting instructions on where to go and stand when their name is called. Wesley Johnson looks particularly stylish in a navy suit with subtle plaid pants.

These young men will walk off that stage much wealthier than they are right now, and a few of them are already started, and got a little help getting their diamonds in their ears.

The first group picture has John Wall in the center, wearing a light blue tie and matching hankerchief in his breast pocket. After ths shot, the group posed with commissioner Davis Stern.