FanSpeak: A Giant win

A quick riff on the hottest topic on ESPNNewYork.com: The New York Football Giants.

From the Rapid Reaction:

"Final Score: Giants 37, Refs 14, Packers 6. If the NFL has a shred of respect for themselves they better investigate why the Giants got the short end of the stick from the refs in their last 2 games with the Packers. Blatant blown calls, attempting to get the Packers back in the game. What happened, the refs got a paycheck from State Farm Insurance?"


"I said it before the playoffs to my friends. The old saying that defense wins championships is NOT outdated."


Ed.'s note -- San Francisco allowed the second-fewest points in the regular season (229) and Baltimore allowed the third-fewest (266). New England is average with 15th fewest and the Giants allowed 400 points (25th in the league).

From Manning does it again vs. Packers:

"The bigger question is: Will Eli one day be considered a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame? Seeing how he's grown as a leader, a passer, and as a person, I think one day it will be a unequivocal yes."


Ed.'s note -- Not so fast, Matt. I’m not sold that Eli can ever really be a shoo-in. At least not without a few more rings. His career completion percentage is only 58.4% and his career passer rating is 82.1 and given that he is 31 he needs to get those numbers up quick.

"HEY RODGERS........Discount Double check your recievers!"


Ed.'s note -- Someone had to say it.

From Eli entertains idea of Peyton as a neighbor:

"New York is Eli's city. If Peyton comes to the Jets he would have to get used to playing in Eli's shadow for the little brother franchise."


Ed.'s note -- That would take sibling rivalry to a new level.

From our Facebook page:

"Packers went from mozzarella to limburger in the span of 60 minutes."

-Lee Ron Coleman Ray

Ed.'s note -- It’s funny because it’s true.

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