FanSpeak: On the Wilpon/Madoff settlement

On Monday, Mets co-majority owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz settled with the government in their long-running Bernie Madoff fraud lawsuit. This has been portrayed as a win for Mets ownership, but is it good for the fans?

From Mets end Madoff mess with a win:

"This is bad news for Met fans. The best thing that can happen right now is anything that gets the Wilpons out. As long as they own the team, it will take years to dig out of this mess."

- Suzyanne33

Ed.'s note -- You're not alone in that estimation.

From Mets, Madoff trustee settle for $162M:

"Fredo Wilpon screwed tens of thousands of people out of their life savings

"It really didn't matter if he was in on it or just INCOMPETENT"

- NYC2255

Ed.'s note -- It makes an enormous difference. Legally, it is the difference between guilt and innocence, and morally it would make a huge difference as well. The Fredo reference conjures the collective voice of Mets fans saying, "I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart.".

"Nope true Met fans will not go to any Met games because that is the only way the owners will lose the team. If you don't spend the crazy amount of money that is going to go into the pockets of the Wilpons they will go broke and then they will have to sell the team which will be the greatest day in Mets history. It would be better then winning the World Series."

- Victor-Cruz-Salsa-Instructor

Ed.'s note -- This is how it is now? Wilpon selling the team would rank above the 1986 season AND the 1969 Miracle Mets?

"As bad as this Braves fan has always hated the Mets (Phillies as well) I hate this for the Mets organization."

- Sambo8964

Ed.'s note -- You know things are bad when Braves fans are rooting for you.

From Mets settlement open thread:

"I'm very happy for the Wilpons.

"It's just too bad that part of the fan base are committed to never stepping foot again inside Citi Field when the team turns it around. If these fans are honorable people, they will keep their word and never come back. Citi Field will fill without them, that's inevitable, that's the cycle of baseball....winning fills seats.

"There's just a subset of Mets fans who are committed to destroying the team. I personally don't consider any of these people to be fans, that's sort of like the good husband whose agenda also includes beating his wife. Just my opinion."

- AmLongTimeFan

Ed.'s note -- If fans feel their hard-earned money is going to a man they hate, then they should probably stay home.

"they wilpons just played like they were broke so fans would accept the payroll cut a lil easier. They still have a very profitable network in SNY. MLB knows this, and that's why they haven't stepped in, while in fact giving them an extension on that loan. Also, lets not forget that CITI Corp. still pays 20 mill a year for the next 17 years. Broke? 160 million use to be 1 yr of payroll.

"2 yrs from now we'll be buyers again. just a cycle. like bobby bonilla in '93 . still paying that dude too. lol"

- bronxborn718

Ed.'s note -- Finally, someone thinks the Mets will bounce back!

Mets fans have spoken!