Ron Artest's Mets theme

As seen on "The Pretty Good Sports Show:" Episode 2Video


I'm Ron Artest/Getting Crazy as it Gets

Fly around in jets/And Rappin' 'bout the Mets

Born In Queens/Raised In Shea

Grab a Shake Shack/With my man Jason Bay

Win some lose some/It's the Mets dun dun

We just tell ourselves "success" is a nuisance

I got a ring/No need to be cranky

Mets need "25 more" to tie the Los Los Yankees

Lounging in the Pepsi Porch/sippin' Moet

Looking to my left is man Mr. Met, what


We the Metropoli-TONS of Fun, what

We the Metropoli-TONS of Fun, what

No matter how many games are won

We, we, the Metropoli-TONS of Fun