FanSpeak: Manningham leaving?

Let's talk about Super Mario. Not the plumber who is constantly trying to save Peach -- New York Giants WR Mario Manningham, whose potential departure is creating buzz all over ESPNNewYork.com.

From Mario Manningham '75 percent' sure he's leaving:

"geez Giants fans, you can at least thank the dude for saving your tails against NE before kicking him out the door. I like Mario. But he is someone who doesn't realize he is a #2. He could be the best #2 in the NFL with a different attitude. Considering I am a Lions fan, and our #2 is Nate Burelson, you have to acknowledge Manningham is far better than that. He will help some young team though, good luck brother."

- Andy1178

Ed.'s note -- I have him behind Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. If he will take less money then it makes sense to keep him, but I sense he will not be in Blue in August.

"He'll end up like Deion Branch...go some place else and underachieve then beg to come back. I can't knock him for trying to cash in especially since nothing in the NFL is guaranteed. Someone will over pay and lose their job for signing him."

- ANieves82

Ed.'s note -- Now is his chance to get paid. I don’t think most fans will knock him for taking the money to play for someone else.

"Someone will overpay, he'll disappoint. Same old story as many who have came before him."

- robkaos7

Ed.'s note -- That depends on what is expected of him: don’t expect him to gain over 1,000 yards nor catch 10 TDs (he hasn’t done either yet). He’s only 25 and has some years ahead of him but he's not a No. 1.

From the corresponding Giants blog post:

"Realistically Manningham was suppose to be the #2 WR. It's just that Cruz went above and beyond last year and became their leading receiver. If they cut ties with [Brandon] Jacobs and let Kareem McKenzie go, they can sign Manningham as a # 2 and make Cruz earn that big contract in 2013 as a slot receiver."

- klabkebash

Ed.'s note -- It simply comes down to whether he is worth the money.

From Facebook:

"Manningham has made more than just "one catch" this year,but I get what everyone is saying. Someone will pay Mario for his playoff performance. Osi is a must at the right price."

- Da'Sean Smalls

Ed.'s note -- Right. Osi Umenyiora is worth the money he is asking for, and Manningham isn’t.

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