Rapid Reaction: Sori to D.C.

After a stellar run filling in for Mariano Rivera as the Yankees' closer in 2012, Rafael Soriano has agreed to a two-year deal with the Nationals, a source said. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

WHAT IT MEANS: Since Rafael Soriano has agreed to a deal with the Washington Nationals, the Yankees will receive another draft choice between the first and second round. With their own pick, plus the one that they already received for Nick Swisher, the Yankees will have three picks in the Top 40. That could help to add some spark to the farm system.

SORI TO SEE HIM GO: Soriano ends up being a great signing for the Yankees.

At the time, Brian Cashman was against the deal that was forged by Randy Levine and Hal Steinbrenner, but Cashman regularly admits how valuable Soriano proved to be in 2012. With Soriano stepping in for Mariano Rivera, the Yankees didn't miss a beat at the end of games. Soriano's success earned him another payday, as he goes to the Nationals for a reported two years and $28 million plus a chance to make it a three-year contract.

CASHING IN: In early 2011, Cashman was against the Soriano deal -- originally for three years and $35 million with two opt-outs, all for a setup man -- because the Yankees lost their first-round pick. Now, he gets that pick back. So it worked out for everybody.

BORAS DOES IT AGAIN: After waiting, waiting and waiting, Scott Boras got Soriano his money. If you didn't know it already, next winter's negotiations for Robinson Cano's services are going to be long and expensive. And who exactly out there doesn't think Boras will get Cano paid? Will it be by the Yankees? That is the $200 million question.

MORSE CODE: The Yankees have not intensified their talks for Michael Morse. But with this piece of business out of the way, the Nationals could get more serious about trading him. The Yankees are interested.

SORIANO SINGS: A lot of people found Soriano dour, but my experience with him was pretty good. Nothing was better than when he told me he loves the song "Sweet Caroline" -- and then sang it on tape. You can listen to it here.

QUESTION: Will you miss the untuck?