Tex: CC's the greatest Yankee free-agent signing of all time

To which GM Brian Cashman agreed. For one very significant reason: "I would agree with that just to (tick) Reggie off,'' Cashman said in Joe Girardi's office during the manager's private pre-game interview session with the beat writers.

Reggie, of course, is Reggie Jackson, who most Yankee fans would probably assign the spot Mark Teixeira awarded CC Sabathia in an interview with the Newark Star-Ledger's Mark Carig on Thursday. "I think it's too early to say that,'' Cashman said about Sabathia. "Let's not forget all those free agent signings George (Steinbrenner) made in the seventies. I mean, Catfish Hunter. We still got a long way to go with CC.''

A few moments later, after fiddling with his iPad, Cashman came up with his own nomination: "The best free-agent I was involved in signing was El Duque,'' he said. "Because he was cheap and he was a monster in the post-season. He didn’t cost us any money and he won a ton of games. He was dominant in the post-season. A million-six a year for four years and we don’t win back-to-back to back without him.''

No word on what Reggie thought of that.