Rapid Reaction: Rangers 10, Yankees 3

Rangers 10, Yankees 3 | Box score

WHAT IT MEANS: The Yankees not only must win three straight over a team that now has dominated them for 35 of the 36 innings of this American League Championship Series, but they have to beat Cliff Lee in Game 7 in Arlington if they are going to do it.

The Yankees are a Game 1 eighth inning away from being swept out of this series. They need a dramatic turnaround because right now it doesn't appear as if they belong on the same field as the Rangers.

WHAT'S NEXT: The Yankees have CC Sabathia trying to save their season. There is no one better for them to have on the mound. But the mountain is high.

To send the series back to Texas, they need Phil Hughes and Andy Pettitte to pitch tremendously. Even if that were to happen, Lee would be standing as the Lone Ranger, waiting to save Texas.

It is not impossible, but it feels pretty improbable. That said, when it is 3-1 for one team, it usually feels that way.

CURTAIN CALLS: They are all on the Rangers' side. Go to ESPNDallas.com for those. If we had to give one out, it might go to "The Captain," Derek Jeter. He had a double and a triple. Stilll, the Yankees are being crushed, so it is hard to give any of them credit.

BRONX CHEERS: A.J. Burnett was doing so well. He looked as if he might leave the game to a standing ovation. Instead, Bengie Molina nailed a three-run homer in the sixth. It ruined the Yankees' chances and Burnett's night. He is a serious question mark now and beyond.

As for Mark Teixeira, we would prefer not to add insult to injury, but before his hamstring strain, he failed to get a hit. He was 0-for-14 in the LCS. Since he has a ring, Teixeira receives a postseason free pass from many people. However, he has not hit much this October, or last.

Meanwhile, A-Rod hasn't reverted back to his old playoff self, but that DP in the fifth was reminiscent of the pre-2009 Alex.

ANALYSIS: The Yankees are in big trouble. If they somehow go on to win this series, it will be one of the greatest U-turns in team history. Right now, they are clearly going the wrong way.

They can't stop Josh Hamilton. They have Cliff Lee waiting for them. It is hard to make a cogent argument for them coming back.

COMING ATTRACTIONS: We will have the latest Teixeira news, and Ian O'Connor and Wally Matthews will have columns. And we will have more up on the blog very quickly, so please check back.

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