New position for Cano: Third

Since the MVP Award has devolved into more of a Player of the Year Award than a reward for Value (that's what that V stands for), it should come as no surprise that the Yanks' Robinson Cano ran third behind the Rangers' Josh Hamilton and the Tigers' Miguel Cabrera in the voting just announced.

Clearly, Cano's stats -- .319-29-109 -- ran third to Hamilton's .359-32-100 and Cabrera's .328-38-126. But unlike Cabrera, whose team could have missed the playoffs without his help, Cano was the best hitter in a lineup that boasted Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. And unlike Hamilton, Cano played every day, and I mean every day, 160 out of 162 games while Hamilton missed 25 games in September, over which time the Rangers played some of their best ball of the season (15-10).

In a way, Cano's durability may have worked against him because since the Yankees were virtually never without him, it is impossible to gauge how much better they were with him. But that, of course, is for an award that honors Value, which the MVP Award no longer seems to.