Do you believe in A.J.?

The Yankees now will turn to A.J. Burnett to be part of the answer. They will likely say that they have faith in him, but they obviously have their doubts because they wouldn't have gone after Cliff Lee so hard if they thought Burnett would bounce back from 10-15 with a 5.26 ERA.

The spring training stories are going to be dominated by CC Sabathia's knee, Phil Hughes building on his 18-win season, Andy Pettitte -- if he comes back -- returning at 38, Ivan Nova (or a TBD starter) trying to make with the Yankees, but the biggest pitching focus could be Burnett.

He is in the third year of his five-year, $82.5 million contract. He is a guy who is going to have step up, which I get into in more detail here.

The question from me: Is what do you think? Do you have faith in A.J?