And the Yankees story of the year is .. I agree and disagree with Wally

For most teams, if you said these were the stories of the year, as compiled by Wallace Matthews, you would say, "Wow, a lot happened," but these are the Yankees so it was par for the course. You can even argue, and I will, that the list should have some different components.

I agree with Wally that the biggest story was George Steinbrenner passing away. The man is one of those sports figures that will be remembered forever.

In comparison, Derek Jeter'scontract negotiations getting messy are a side bar, but appropriately No. 2 considering his iconic status. Still, Steinbrenner was as large of a figure as you will find from an owner and, while the word unique is often thrown around too liberally, he was singular.

While there are comparisons that can be easily be drawn to Jeter (DiMaggio, for starters), whom in baseball history, let alone Yankee history, could you compare to the Boss?

No one, so he is my story of the year, too.

If I had one disagreement with Wally, I would go with the Yankees losing to the Rangers in the ALCS in place of A-Rod's 600th home run. To me, that was a bigger deal, because it represents how the Boss would define the Yankees' year and how, ultimately, this Yankee year will be remembered on the field.

I also might have found room for not getting Cliff Lee. In the end, I think that was larger than the Dallas Braden story, from a Yankee point-of-view. Though, Braden may have been the most entertaining story of the year.

But, boy, did a lot go on in the Bronx in 2010.