Cashman's January surprise? Your thoughts?

The holidays are over and spring training is a little more than a month away and the Yankees have a starting rotation that features CC Sabathia coming off knee surgery, Phil Hughes coming off his first really strong season and A.J. Burnettcoming off a disastrous year. After that it's ... well, it's ... it's ... umm ...

It is wait for Andy Pettitte time. No decision yet, except everyone is saying he is leaning toward retirement. We'll believe it when he actually says it.

But if Pettitte does retire, will the Yankees really go with Ivan Nova as their No. 4 starter and Sergio Mitre as their No. 5, being pushed by a slew of youngsters. Seems hard to fathom and also seems like a bad 2012 recipe.

So that is why a January surprise could be in store. Now, I do think GM Brian Cashman wants to be patient and he will be in terms of replacing Cliff Lee (I know they never really had him). So reeling in the big fish may take awhile. I just don't know if Cashman just sits and goes with the pitching he has now.

Could a Rafael Soriano be an alternative to strengthen the pen? I know Yankee officials are denying they will go where Scott Boras wants to go. That could be the ultimate deal-breaker. Soriano deservedly wants to be paid like an elite closer even if he were a setup man with the Yankees. But Soriano and Mo Rivera at the back-end of the game could be a pretty lethal combination.

A trade for Joe Blanton, as unexciting as that may be, doesn't seem totally farfetched. There are not a lot of great options.

So here's my question for you: Do you think Cashman has a January surprise? If so, what do you think it will be?