Cashman: Master of the non-denial denial

Yankee GM Brian Cashman has a very specific method of communicating with the media that involves a unique mixture of absolute honesty and skillful evasion. In my experience, the GM never volunteers anything but in his own way, always tells the truth as long as you understand how to decipher his words

In the case of free-agent pitcher Jeremy Bonderman, my text exchange with Cashman leads me to believe the Yankees are interested in the injury-plagued right-hander and might even be actively pursuing him, as reported in several media outlets Tuesday night. Early Wednesday morning, I texted Cashman "R u pursuing Bonderman?''

He did not respond for an hour, unusual for a man who often answers texts within seconds of receiving them. So I tried again: "Am I to take your silence as a no? Or a no comment?''

That garnered an immediate response. "Talked to everyone.''

So I followed up, "OK. R u pursuing Bonderman?''

Another lightning quick response: "Wouldn't say who I have interest in.''

Considering the fact that Cashman has had no problem all off-season telling me in no uncertain terms who he was not interested in, the most notable being Carl Crawford, there is really only one way to interpret his answer on Bonderman.

In this case, what might appear to be a "no'' is more likely a "yes.'' Stay tuned.