Yankees surely sad to see Garza go

The Rays trade of Matt Garza to the Cubs hurts the Yankees in an odd sort of way.

You may recall we wrote in late September that the Yankees own Garza like few other pitchers in baseball.

His current numbers against them-- 12 games, 11 starts (his team won one) and a 4.48 ERA

In his last two starts against the Yankees, Garza allowed 13 runs in 9 2/3 innings pitched. In seven starts against the Yankees over the last two seasons, his Rays lost all seven.

The other kicker to this is that, as my ESPNBoston colleague Jeremy Lundblad points out, the Red Sox hated facing Garza, who beat them twice in the 2008 ALCS.

The Yankees will get one crack at Garza -- maybe -- when they visit Wrigley Field June 17 -19. Otherwise, they wouldn't be positioned to face him until October.