Jones or Damon? Take your pick

Because you can't have both. You just can't. Right now, the Yankees are deciding whether to make a play for Andruw Jones or Johnny Damon to fill their opening for a backup outfielder. According to Scott Boras, who is trying to peddle both as well as pitcher Rafael Soriano, the Yankees could use them both. But even he admits there is probably only room for one on the Yankee roster.

So which should it be? The 33-year-old righthanded hitting Jones, who has 407 career home runs but hasn't been good or healthy enough to play a full season since 2007, or the 37-year-old lefthanded hitting Damon, who can't throw and is basically a DH these days, a role the Yankees intend Jorge Posada to fill in 2011?

Reached at the owner's meetings in Phoenix this afternoon, Brian Cashman said, "I haven't even begun to think about it yet.''

You can believe that if you like, but even if it is too early for the general manager of the Yankees to give it much thought -- pitchers and catchers don't report, after all, for another 33 days -- that doesn't mean it's too early for you to think about it.

Jones or Damon? Which one would look better in pinstripes? More importantly, which one would be a better fit for the Yankees needs? Start thinking.