Cashman's contract up after 2011 so ...

Despite the fact that people in the Yankees hierarchy disagreed with him on one important decision, there are no other tangible reasons to think there is a rift between GM Brian Cashman and ownership.

While Cashman hasn't spoken publicly yet about the Rafael Soriano signing, there are strong indications that he wasn't for the move, not the least of which is Cashman said he wouldn't give up the team's first round pick for anyone except Cliff Lee. By agreeing with Soriano, the Yankees are giving up their first round pick.

Cashman is likely not happy with how this went down, but who is when your boss tells you to do something you were planning to do another way? Most of the time, you just get over it and move on. But here is the rub on the whole thing: Cashman's contract is up at the end of this season.

All indications are that Hal and Hank Steinbenner, along with team president, Randy Levine, like Cashman and think he is the man for the job. Wallace Matthewseven has a source saying so. And, Cashman, seems to still like doing the job.

But cracks sometimes becomes holes so that is why this situation is worth watching. Hal doesn't seem like the intervening type; especially with baseball decisions. Hank, though, he is not as involved, likes his two-cents heard. Levine's background is not in evaluating players.

So Cashman enters the final year of his deal with a splinter. Nothing big right now, but something to watch.