Could Boras hit the Bronx Trifecta?

Scott Boras has already sold the Yankees a set-up man (Rafael Soriano) and a fourth outfielder (Andruw Jones). But the uber-agent isn't ready to call it an off-season. According to a baseball source, Boras has pitched 36-year-old right-hander Kevin Millwood as a possible rotation stopgap in the event Andy Pettitte doesn't come back -- and the Yankees have at least listened.

The topic, I am told, even came up again at the Wednesday afternoon meeting in which Boras and Yankees GM Brian Cashman were hammering out the Jones deal. "They're definitely interested in Millwood, but they're obviously going to wait to see what Pettitte does,'' the source said. "They certainly are not dismissing the idea by any means. They need innings and Millwood can at least give them innings. Really, they don't have much choice.''

Millwood, whose best seasons came as an Atlanta Brave in the late 90s. But after winning 18 games twice for the Braves, and 16 for the Rangers in 2006, Millwood led the AL in losses last year with the Baltimore Orioles, going 4-16 with a 5.10 ERA. On the plus side, he did throw 190-2/3 innings, more than any pitcher on the Yankees staff not named CC Sabathia.