Strawberry snickers about Jeter ... What does it mean?

When Darryl Strawberry was asked about Derek Jeter moving positions, he just snickered. Just from talking to players and people around the game, it seems as if they find it funny how the Yankees are treating Jeter.

In the Strawberry story, Strawberry was joined by Davey Johnson and Howard Johnsonas being pretty incredulous that Jeter could make a move in his late-30s to the outfield.

What is interesting to watch is the perception of the Yankees around baseball. Players may wonder: If the Yankees would treat Jeter the way they have this offseason, what would they do to me?

Did this impact Cliff Lee? Who knows?

Really, besides the rhetoric, the Yankees have not treated Jeter poorly. The contract he received is excellent for a soon-to-be 37-year-old, who hit .270 with limited power. He will get all the deference in the world when he becomes the first Yankee twith hit No. 3,000 this season.

But the questions about how Jeter is going to age are only being illuminated by the Yankees. Players feel that players should be treated differently. They are for most of their lives.

Strawberry laughed at the suggestion that Jeter will ever move positions. He said it will never happen. In other words, he doesn't think it should ever happen.