What the Yankees see in Garcia & Colon

With Andy Pettitte now officially retired, the idea of Freddy Garcia and/or Bartolo Colon being in the Yankees rotation on Opening Day becomes even more real.

In Garcia, a scout said the Yankees see a guy who can get by on guile. How that translates in the American League East could be another story, but the Yankees think that he could be a good five or six inning guy. He did find a way to win 12 games last year. He had a 4.64 ERA, which is almost a run better than A.J. Burnett's last year. That's not exactly a compliment, just a point.

On Colon, he was throwing 91-MPH this winter, according to a scout. Of course, last year, he didn't play in the majors and in 2009 he pitched in just 12 games. So what can you really expect from him? Maybe he can be a No. 5 starter, but with his history of lack of condition, even if he pitches well, how long will he be able to sustain it?

The Yankees can hope these two might be able to let them tread water until August. By the time, maybe one of their youngsters step up or perhaps they can shake an ace free in a trade.