Sunday Conversation: What do you want to hear about?

The beauty of the Internet, as you likely know, is that we can hear from you. So as we begin 2011, it is not a one-way street anymore.

We started our new Yankees Spring Training Center. Hopefully, it can become your one-stop shopping for everything Yankees. In the middle, we listed the three players who will be most watched this spring. I was the one who wrote it up, choosing A.J. Burnett, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Who would you have chosen? Why?

Burnett is going to have the most talk about him, but if there is one thing to learn about spring training is not to believe any talk. Invariably, especially before the games start, everyone has either a new body, a new pitch or, the Yankees' hope, in Burnett's case, a new head.

It is always about the head. Larry Rothschild is the man who will be asked to turn Burnett around. Norm Charlton, who was part of the Reds' Nasty Boys (was it Boyz, back in the '90s?) said that Rothschild is the man for the job. He was the pitching coach for the Reds back in the day.

Ben Shpigel in the Times, who spoke with Charlton, will give Yankee fans' confidence that Rothschild is the man for the job. A glowing feature on Rothschild. Of course, Burnett is the one who ultimately decides what type of chicken salad he will become this year.

Burnett is the story of the spring. That and whom the Yankees will trade for, which may not become before camp splits at the end of next month, but will happen.

We have already started Trade Watch, 2011 (beginning with Francisco Liriano) on the site so we will be keeping you updated whenever anyone is rumored to become a Yankee.

But my question to you is pretty simple: What are the stories you want to hear about this spring? I'm really interested if you have any below the radar thoughts.