Rothschild on Project A.J.: It is the chicken or the egg

As I documented here, A.J. Burnett doesn't think he needs to be fixed. New pitching coach Larry Rothschild seems to agree. It is a matter of getting Burnett's confidence back.

The question is does success breed confidence or does confidence come from success?

"It’s the chicken and egg question," Rothschild said. "Is the confidence there because of success or success there because he’s doing things right mechanically and gets confidence? I think we’ll attack it right now to get him in line and he’ll get the confidence and demeanor he should have and get ready to face some hitters in a game."

The whole Yankees' season might come down to Burnett's head. From listening to him this morning, I don't know if that is a good thing.

Wally Matthews will examine this in a column that will be up later today.