The Monologue: Albert Pujols rumors, start your engines

First things first, you can never count out the Yankees adding the best player in baseball. You never know what can happen with this team.

Sometimes third baseman play pick-up basketball and change the course of club history. Aaron Boone meet Alex Rodriguez.

So, if you say there is no chance because Mark Teixeirais sitting on first with a full no-trade and with the Yankees happy with him, you would be wrong. The Yankees' financial might is built on winning with stars. YES and the stadium are ATMs because of this formula.

If a Steinbrenner or a Levinegets in their head that Pujols cold be their latest attraction, then maybe GM Brian Cashman could be persuaded to get creative. At the least, it is a fun debate.

With that said, we don't see Pujols becoming a Yankee. Besides what he does every April, the Yankees like what they have in Teixeira. It is not like they would be getting younger by adding Pujols. Pujols just turned 31. Teixeira turns 31 in April.

Plus, the Yankees are trying to get away from seven and eight year contract where they have to pay guys into their late 30s when they are not productive.

Lastly, the Yankees have to keep putting money in their piggy backs so they can pay CC Sabathia and whatever big-time pitchers they can find.


* The Bronx sounds like it is in St. Louis, or, at least in Jupiter, the Cardinals' spring training home. The biggest baseball story of the day (for a day, the biggest story doesn't have to be about the Yankees or Madoff, OK?) is Albert Pujols. Jayson Starkhas the lastest.

* Colleague Johnette Howard thinks the Yankees should embrace the underdog role. I disagree. For $200 million, I don't think the Yanks can sell being underdogs. Howard's point to get rid of the fat cat attitude makes sense, but I think Joe Girardi would be laughed out if he said the Yankees were underdogs. Plus, I doubt his bosses would like that.

* Wally Matthews and I express our doubts about A.J. Burnett here and here.