Don't you know who I am?

I'm Derek Jeter's car, doggone it!

A funny scene played out outside Ed Smith Stadium about 90 minutes before tonight's Yankees-Orioles game. A pristine gunmetal gray Mercedez with blinding chrome wheels pulled up to a private parking lot right across from the player's entrance. The young man driving the car asked a lady standing out fron if he could park there.

"Sure,'' she said. "Twenty dollars.''

"But this is Jeter's car,'' the young man, who was not Jeter, said. (Although a Yankee publicist confirmed Jeter drives a car fitting that description).

"Great,'' the lady said. "It's still twenty dollars.''

The young man drove off in search, presumably, of a cheaper parking spot. And the lady turned with a perplexed look on her face to an ESPNNewYork.com reporter who happened to be standing there. "Who's Jeter?,'' she asked.

All dialogue guaranteed verbatim.